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Proportional valve 2/2 way NC

Kuhnke Proportional Valve Type 63P

2/2 way proportional valves, 10 mm width, three different electrical connection possibilities. The steady valve opening allows a continuous adjustment of the flow. This proportional behaviour between control input and flow follows the valve's unique characteristic curve and can be regulated with appropriate sensors and electronics for high precision.
Product characteristics
Actuationelectrically actuated
Ambient temperature-10 ... +50 °C
Duty cycle100 % ED
Electrical connectionWire
Function2/2-way NC
Includes2 mounting screws (thread form screws M1.6 x 18.8 for plastic). Metric screws on request. Thread form screws for metal are included by the Aluminium subplates (see valve accessories)
kv-value l/min
MaterialsBase: Pocan, seal: NBR
Nominal orifice0.9 mm
Nominal power3.2 W
Nominal voltage24 V DC
Operating mediumFiltered (5 µm), lubricated and non lubricated air
Operating modedirectly controlled
Pneumatic connectionFlange
Pressure range0 - 3 bar
Protection classificationIP65
Valve typePoppet valve