EtherCAT busterminal coupler

Kuhnke FIO Bus Coupler 3A

694 400 00
Kuhnke's FIO is a system of I/O modules for interconnecting the process signals in an EtherCAT network. It consists of the bus coupler and a range of I/O modules. The bus coupler converts the physical transfer technology (twisted pair) to LVDS (E-bus) and generates the system voltages required by the LVDS modules. The standard 100 Base Tx lines used for office network communications connect to the one side, the I/O modules for the process signals connect to the other. This is how the EtherCAT protocol is retained right through to the last I/O module. At the end of the modular unit, the feed and return loops are terminated automatically.
Product characteristics
ModelControl cabinet modul
Product statusStandard product
Field busEtherCAT
Type of connectionSpring-assisted connector
Status indicationLED, EtherCAT Status
Housing materialAluminium frame, plastic housing
Dimensions (W x H x D)25 x 120 x 90 mm
ProtectionIP 20
Supply voltage24 V (-15% / +20%)
Temperature range0 ... +55 °C
ImmunityZone B according to EN 61131-2