EtherCAT CAM-module special function

Kuhnke FIO CAM Control

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Kuhnke FIO CAM Control is a system solution for both stand-alone and team-ready applications enabling the quick and accurate combination of precision, dynamics and efficient engineering. The module of the FIO Drive Control range mainly excels in mechanical engineering and special-purpose machinery design which demand highly accurate control with reference to the machine position. These machines are generally marked by their cyclic and continual processes. A rotary encoder feeds actual readings to Kuhnke FIO CAM Control which in turn actuates the machine functions according to the switch cams set by the user program and taking heed of dead times as appropriate or desired. Besides time depending switching of the outputs it is also possible to use only one encoder via EtherCAT® to feed several FIO CAM Control modules synchronized. The configuration of the CAM functions can easily be done with the software tool FIO CAM-Creator.
Product characteristics
Functionspecial function
ModelControl cabinet module
Product statusStandard product
InterfacesCAM modul
Type of connectionfemale plug with PUSH IN spring connection
ProtectionIP 20