EtherCAT IO functional module Zähler Positionierung Counter Encoder

Kuhnke FIO Counter-Posi2 5V-24V

694 454 01
The Kuhnke FIO Counter module counts binary pulses and transmits the meter readings electrically isolated to the master control. There are 2 counters. The module can operate as A-B-Ref or forward/backward counter. It can be switched between single and multiple evaluation of the encoder signals. The digital inputs and the output can be used in normal operation as digital I/O with control and status indications via the bus. Through an appropriate configuration can the output also be controlled in dependence of a counter. In addition, input signals can be used to delete, initialize or freeze the meter readings. The Counter/Posi module also offers 2 analogue outputs which can be used to output a position-dependent analog value in the range of -10 to +10 V DC.
Product characteristics
Functionspecial function
ModelControl cabinet modul
Product statusStandard product
InterfacesA, B, Ref-Z
Integrated functions
Digital I/Os (integrated)inputs: 8 DI 1ms, 2 incremental encoders 200kHz / outputs: 2 DO 2A
Analogue I/Os (integrated)outputs: 2 AO -10..+10V 12Bit
Field busEtherCAT
Type of connectionfemale plug with PUSH IN spring connection
Status indicationEtherCAT Status, LEDs allocated to the point of termination
Housing materialAluminium frame, plastic housing
Dimensions (W x H x D)25 x 120 x 90 mm
ProtectionIP 20
Supply voltage24 V (-20% / +25%)
Temperature range0 ... +55 °C
ImmunityZone B according to EN 61131-2