EtherCAT IO functional module counter

Kuhnke FIO Counter2 5V

694 444 01
The Kuhnke FIO Counter module counts binary pulses and transmits the meter readings electrically isolated to the master control. There are 2 counters. The module can operate as A-B-Ref or forward/backward counter. It can be switched between single and multiple evaluation of the encoder signals. The digital inputs and the output can be used in normal operation as digital I/O with control and status indications via the bus. Through an appropriate configuration can the output also be controlled in dependence of a counter. In addition, input signals can be used to delete, initialize or freeze the meter readings.
Product characteristics
Functionspecial function
ModelControl cabinet modul
Product statusStandard product
InterfacesA, B, Ref-Z
Digital I/Os (integrated)inputs: 8 DI 1ms, 2 incremental encoders 200kHz / outputs: 2 DO 2A
Type of connectionfemale plug with PUSH IN spring connection
Housing materialAluminium frame, plastic housing
Dimensions (W x H x D)25 x 120 x 90 mm
ProtectionIP 20
Supply voltage24 V (-20% / +25%)
Temperature range0 ... +55 °C
ImmunityZone B according to EN 61131-2