Kuhnke FIO Controller 100 CODESYS PLC

694 300 00 FIO Controller
Mini-IPC with EtherCAT® Kuhnke's FIO Controller 100 is a mini-IPC built around a X86. Data is exchanged with other systems via Industrial Ethernet and RS232 or RS485. These interfaces also allow cost-effective display terminals to be linked in. And what is more, the control unit is supplied complete with a web server rendering full support of visualisation on the web. Its SD card slot is a local storage volume for process and other data and the interchange of control programs. A diversity of status LEDs ensures excellent fault finding capabilities. A digital input allows the controller to extremely quickly respond to process events. Kunke's FIO Controller 100 supports all CODESYS programs. It has 8 Mb of main memory plus an 8 Mb flash EPROM for the control software. Owing to its many different interfaces and supported bus systems, mini-IPC Kuhnke FIO Controller easily links in to on-site control concepts. Add the on-board real-time clock to the above and there is your perfect unit for applications such as condition monitoring, RFID, motion or power controlling.
Product characteristics
FunctionModular PLC
ModelControl cabinet modul
Product statusphase-out product
Processor16 Bit, 96 MHz
Operating systemRTOS
SoftwareCODESYS V2
Software Options
Main memory8 MB
Non-volatile memory Stored in flash memory
Data memorySD card
DriveFlash memory
InterfacesLAN, CAN, USB, RS-232
Digital I/Os (integrated)1DI, 1 ms (interrupt supported)
Field busEtherCAT, CANopen
Modular expansion optionExpandable with FIO I/O modules
Housing materialAluminium frame, plastic housing
Dimensions (W x H x D)25 x 120 x 90 mm
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