Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 PLC CODESYS PLC

694 300 13 FIO Controller
Kuhnke's FIO Controller 113 is an ARM-ready mini-IPC which uses Industrial Ethernet and RS232 for exchanging data with other systems. Its SD card slot plus USB port provide a local storage volume for process and other data and the interchange of control programs. A digital interrupt input allows the controller to extremely quickly respond to process events. Kunke's FIO Controller 113 supports all CODESYS V3 programs. On one side of the modular control unit, there is an E-bus connector which provides for a flexible extension by Kuhnke FIO-series EtherCAT I/O modules. Owing to its many different interfaces and supported bus systems, mini-IPC Kuhnke FIO Controller easily links in to on-site control concepts.
Product characteristics
FunctionModular PLC
ModelControl cabinet modul
Product statusphase-out product
Processori.MX28 Freescale 454 MHz
Operating systemWindows® Embedded CE 6.0
SoftwareCODESYS V3
Software Options
Main memory128 MB
Non-volatile memory Stored in flash memory
Data memorySD card
DriveFlash memory
InterfacesLAN, CAN, USB, RS-232
Digital I/Os (integrated)1DI, 1 ms (interrupt supported)
Field busEtherCAT, CANopen
Modular expansion optionExpandable with FIO I/O modules
Housing materialAluminium frame, plastic housing
Dimensions (W x H x D)25 x 120 x 90 mm